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Prince Harry looks confused as he welcomes 2023 with two new interviews


King Charles’s youngest son, Prince Harry, looks very confused as he enters 2023 with his two new interviews, repeating his claims about the Royal Family in hopes of a reconciliation.

In his “explosive” chat with CBS 60 Minutes reporter Anderson Cooper, the Duke appeared claiming he had been “betrayed” with “briefings and leaks and the planting of stories against me and my wife”.

Harry continued: “The family motto is ‘never complain, never explain’, but that’s just a motto.

Meghan’s husband continued: “They’ll feed or have a conversation with a pen pal, and that pen pal will literally spoon feed information and write the story, and basically they’ll say they’ve contacted Buckingham Palace. for a comment. But the whole story is commented on by Buckingham Palace.”

The Duke added: “So when we’ve been told for six years, ‘we can’t release a statement to protect you’, but you do for other family members, it becomes a time when silence is treason.”

In another interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, Prince Harry appeared handing an olive branch to King Charles and Prince William, saying: ‘I would like my father back, I would like my brother back’

The two interviews with Prince Harry will be broadcast on January 8, two days before the publication of his autobiography.

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