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Prince Harry is ‘the most stressful thing on Charles’ plate’


Prince Harry has just been called ‘the most stressful thing on Charles’ plate’ ahead of Coronation.

Royal commentator and journalist Daniela Elser issued these warnings.

According to New Zealand Herald, “Poor King Charles. He’s had a really bad week, and it has nothing to do with Queen Camilla limiting the time he spends on his iPad so he can practice his coronation oath or because they only show rehearsals of Bargain Hunt.

“On the contrary, a lot has happened, and all this bad news for the world’s newest monarch.”

“First, millions of French people decided to channel their sans-culottes ancestors into staging massive protests across Paris, including setting fires everywhere, thus forcing the government to allow Charles’ state visit there- down.”

“Instead of him and Camilla being celebrated at Versailles with a huge banquet in their honour, they were forced to stay home at Clarence House, reheating leftover grouse from the freezer.”

“Then there was the news that permanent headaches and Mr. Toad’s spiritual heir, Prince Andrew, would consider writing a revelator because he has too much free time and a dusty bank account and desperate that he wants to fill.”

“However, perhaps the most stressful thing on Charles’ plate, apart from all that lukewarm grouse, is his son, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, who decided this week to stage a resounding return to the United Kingdom.”

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