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Prince Harry is ‘pretty foolish’ to assume ‘all will be forgiven’ before May


Prince Harry has been ridiculed for living in a fantasy, who ‘wholeheartedly’ believes the royal divide will ‘just go away’ after receiving an invitation to King Charles’ coronation.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter leveled this accusation against Prince Harry.

According to Express UK, she claimed: ‘But where I struggle a bit is in his willingness to reveal deeply private personal information about other family members without their permission, particularly because he’s opposed it for so many years himself. So yes, it speaks of a double standard.

“I don’t think all of this helps reconciliation. It’s a great idea and I’m definitely on side that we’d like to see this family heal over time, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

“It’s really optimistic or rather foolish to think that all of this will be resolved by the first weekend in May when the king’s coronation is due to take place.”

Before concluding, Ms Arbiter added: ‘If this is really how Harry thinks you are going about reconciliation, then the issues run much deeper.’

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