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Prince Harry is nothing more than a ‘puppet’ for Meghan Markle: ‘Destroying Royals’


Prince Harry has been accused of harming the royal family with his confession.

Royal expert Nile Gardiner believes the Duke of Sussex has become the ‘puppet’ of his wife, Meghan Markle, and is therefore ‘moving away’ from his roots.

Taking to his Twitter this week, Mr Gardiner wrote: “Prince Harry is doing everything he can to hurt the Royal Family and alienate himself from the British people.

“He’s shrunk to little more than Meghan Markle’s puppet.”

In another tweet, he continued: “Prince Harry’s memoir should be a nasty hatchet attack on his own brother.”

Mr Gardiner also tweeted: ‘Harry’s staggering decline since joining Meghan Markle’s vicious campaign to destroy the Royal Family has been tragic.’

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