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Prince Harry is ‘exploiting’ the business for revenge on his childhood’


Prince Harry is said to have “taken full advantage” of his status as a former “sheltered and ultra-privileged” child, exploiting the family who “did the same thing to him”.

Writer Peggy Drexler made this claim in her recently published opinion piece for the CNN.

Drexler thinks: “While we can and should have some disdain for the way Harry has chosen to approach the circumstances of his life, it is also possible to have compassion for him – and understanding. After all, he did not entirely create himself. And, sheltered and ultra-privileged as he was for much of his upbringing, he’s probably a fairly immature 38-year-old.

“Now he’s standing up against the machine that created him the only way he knows how – and maybe he’s doing it because it’s the only way he knows how to make his own money and live. independently.”

After all, “he felt exploited as a child and young adult; he is now in turn profiting from his family (and earning huge amounts of money in the process).

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