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Prince Harry has turned to Tom Hardy to help him throw an ‘apocalypse’ themed party


Prince Harry recalls a lively Christmas night with Meghan Markle in Canada.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were still dating at the time, invited Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend Jack for the special event.

Harry, in his memoir “Spare”, talks about his preparation for the party, noting how he borrowed a suit from Tom Hardy for the night.

He writes: “We invited Eugene and Jack to join us for Halloween. And Meg’s best friend, Markus. The Soho House in Toronto was throwing a big party and the theme was “Apocalypse”. Dress accordingly. I mumbled to Meg that I hadn’t had much luck with themed fancy dress parties, but I’d do it again. To help me with my costume, I had turned to a friend, actor Tom Hardy, before leaving home. I called him to ask if I could borrow his costume from Mad Max. The whole thing? Yes, please, buddy! The complete kit.

Harry adds: “It gave me everything before I left Britain, and now I’ve tried it in Meg’s little bathroom. When I left, she burst out laughing. It was funny. And a little scary. But the bottom line was: I was unrecognizable.

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