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Prince Harry has ‘no qualms about provoking the upper crust’


Experts believe Prince Harry and Oscar Wilde have a lot in common because neither of them has ” any qualms about provoking the upper crust “.

Royal commentator and author Daniela Elser made the accusations.

In it, she said: “Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex doesn’t strike me as the type to spend a lot of time reading Oscar Wilde, but maybe now is the time to start.”

According News.com.au “There’s a certain kindred spirit going on to begin with, the legendary author being a man who had no qualms about provoking high society and refused to be intimidated by prejudice.”

“And on the other hand, one of Wilde’s most famous witticisms – that there’s only one thing in life worse than talking about it, and it’s not being talked about not” – could be something for Harry to find solace after news of Royal’s latest TV outing broke on Wednesday.

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