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Prince Harry has been asked to write a ‘last letter’ to the late Princess Diana at school


Prince Harry recalls the moment he was asked to write a letter to his late mother.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex recalled that all students at his hostel had to write something for their parents.

He shares, “Each boy had to sit down and write a missive to his parents. At best, it was a chore. I could barely remember when mom and dad weren’t divorced, so writing to them not to mention their mutual grievances, their messy breakup, required the finesse of a career diplomat. Dear dad, how is mom? Hmm. No. Mommy dear, daddy says you haven’t… No. But after mom disappeared, it became impossible to write letters.

The father-of-two then reveals that his matrons had asked him to write a missive to Princess Diana, thinking of the last things he would like to say to her.

Harry adds: “I probably wrote something pro forma, saying I missed her, school was fine, and so on. I probably folded it once and handed it to the matron. I remember, immediately afterwards, regretting that I hadn’t taken writing more seriously, wishing I had dug deep, told my mom all the things that weighed on my heart, especially my regret for the last time. that we had talked on the phone.

“She had called early in the evening, the night of the accident, but I was running around with Willy and my cousins ​​and I didn’t want to stop playing. So I had been short with her. Impatient to resume my games, I rushed Mom to hang up. I would have liked to apologize. I wish I had searched for the words to describe how much I loved her,” the duke sighed.

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