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Prince Harry has become an ‘online divisive figure’ after ‘Spare’: expert


Prince Harry has become controversial on social media after the release of his book, an expert reveals.

The Duke of Sussex has divided internet users with his biography, confusing the story with himself.

Speaking to the Express, social media expert Usman Chishti said: ‘Harry was online for weeks before the book came out – particularly when his Netflix documentary and Meghan’s came out.

“But things accelerated when the book came out. I think it was because it contained so much new information.

“It allowed people to tell a story any way they wanted.

“If they wanted to criticize Harry for what they saw as turning their backs on his family and revealing embarrassing situations like the fight with William, they could do that.

“Conversely, if they wanted to support him by arguing that the Royals hadn’t done enough to support Meghan before they left, then they could.

“Whatever you think of Harry, his image to audiences around the world has been irrevocably changed by the book.

“Whether for better or for worse depends on your opinion.

“What is clear is that both sides have used social media extensively to tell their own stories.”

“Normally the royal family stays firmly away from any controversial subject,” he said.

“Harry has smashed that big opening that will make him even more of a divisive figure.

He noted: “Whatever his end goal, he is becoming an increasingly divisive figure online and that image will be incredibly difficult to change.”

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