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Prince Harry had Meghan Markle in an ’empty California house’ away from dads


Prince Harry opens up about feeling lost over Meghan Markle’s worries at a big event.

The Duke of Sussex notes that in 2016 he was unable to focus his attention on the World AIDS Day event as he was concerned about Meghan’s well-being.

He wrote in his memoir “Spare”: “Important day, vital cause, but my head wasn’t in the game. I was worried about Meg. She couldn’t go home because her house was surrounded by paps. She couldn’t go to her mother’s house in Los Angeles, because she too was surrounded by papacies.

He continues: “Alone, adrift, she was on a break from filming, and it was Thanksgiving time. So I contacted some friends who had an empty house in Los Angeles, and they generously offered it to him. Problem solved, for now. “

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