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Prince Harry had a ‘tiff’ with Palace over ‘fake’ news about Meghan Markle’s job


Prince Harry admits the palace gave false information about Meghan Markle’s work in 2019.

A few days after the Duchess of Sussex welcomed her first child, the media learned that she had just given birth.

Recalling the moment, Prince Harry wrote in his memoir: “Within two hours of our son’s birth we were back in Frogmore. The sun had risen and we were behind closed doors before the announcement official is published… To say that Meg had given birth?

Harry adds: “I had an argument with Sara about it. You know she’s out of labor, I said. She explained that the press needed to be given the dramatic, suspenseful story she was asking for. But that’s not true, I say. Ah, the truth didn’t matter. Keeping people tuned into the show, that was the thing.

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