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Prince Harry got expert advice on Lilibet, Archie from ex-partner of Queen relative


King Charles’s youngest son, Prince Harry, received a heartfelt call about his children Lilibet and Archie Harrison from an ex-partner of Queen Elizabeth’s relative.

Melanie Cable-Alexander, ex-partner of the late Antony Armstrong-Armstrong, the first Lord Snowdon, reminded the Duke of Sussex of her story, saying she had always refused to take money to talk about her high-profile relationship with the princess’ former husband. Margaret went public.

She tried to teach Harry a lesson by advising the Duke not to add to the fire with his media stunts as it would not be good for his and Meghan Markle’s children.

Melanie opened up about how she was drawn into the spotlight, saying, “the more I said, the more I would fan the flames, and the longer the story would linger.”

His concern was focused on the son born of the four-year relationship with Lord Snowdon, Jasper, and the effect reading his mother’s words in the press might have on him once he was old enough to understand them. .

Cable-Alexander, editor of Country Life magazine when she met Lord Snowdon in 1997, wrote in the Daily Mail: “Every time I read or hear another word from him about his break with the Royal Family or the misery of her pre-Meghan life, I wince for her two young children. With so much dirty laundry being washed in public, so many accusations thrown around, how is this going to affect three-year-old Archie and Lilibet, one year in the future? At this rate, I fear Harry will perpetuate for his own children those same feelings of vulnerability, insecurity and ‘laziness’ that he himself so obviously possesses.”

Although she acknowledged her ‘public storm’ was not comparable in size to the public scrutiny the Duke of Sussex had faced all his life, the writer said it took her “stoicism and courage” to weather the storm she found herself in. late 1990s.

And thanks to his position, his son has created a “thriving relationship” with both sides of the family. She added: “Will Harry’s children be able to say the same about their relationship with their cousins, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte? Or, more likely, did Harry’s behavior destroy the potential bond between them?”

Antony Armstrong-Jones, a Welsh photographer and filmmaker and ex-husband of Princess Margaret, rose to world fame for marrying Queen Elizabeth’s sister. He is best known for his portraits of world notables, many of which have been published in world-renowned magazines.

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