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Prince Harry gave ‘bad news’ to Meghan Markle about her dad in bed


Prince Harry opens up about when Meghan Markle’s father betrayed her with a personal letter.

The Duchess of Sussex was petrified moments after her father reportedly handed the conflicting letter to the media.

The news was broken to Harry by his friend Jason over the phone.

He wrote in his memoir ‘Spare’: “Bad news. What is it now? The Mail on Sunday had printed the private letter Meg had written to her father. The letter Granny and Pa have urged to write. February 2019. I was in bed, Meg was lying next to me, still asleep. I waited a bit, then gently broke the news to her. Your father delivered your letter to the Mail.

Harry then assured Meghan: “Meg, I don’t know what to say, he gave them your letter. That moment, for me, was decisive. About Mr Markle, but also about the press. He There had been so many moments, but for me it was The One. I didn’t want to hear any more about protocol, tradition, strategy. Enough, I thought. Enough.

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