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Prince Harry featured on Valentine’s Day cards amid ‘Spare’ popularity


Prince Harry, as well as making headlines, is now featured on Valentine’s Day cards after a gift company decided to make the most of his Spare popularity by designing cards based on the Megxit of 2020.

According to Mirror UK, Moonpig, a gift company, decided to have some harmless fun with Prince Harry’s infamous split from the royal family by designing a card that read: ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, I’d leave the house. royal family for you! Happy Valentine day.”

The card also features an illustration of Prince Harry’s face to go along with the hilarious declaration of love, and it’s priced at £2.20 on Moonpig’s website; society anticipates it to be a best-seller just like Prince Harry’s explosive memoir Spare, which is now the best-selling memoir of all time.

It comes amid Prince Harry’s media blitz that began ahead of the January 10 release of Spare; The Duke of Sussex sat down for numerous interviews before publishing his book, which included numerous inflammatory allegations, ranging from accusations that Prince William punched him, to King Charles mocking his paternity.

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