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Prince Harry fears Royal Family will ‘never forgive’ him for ‘Spare’?

Prince Harry reportedly fears King Charles and Prince William won’t forgive him for his book Spare

Prince Harry reportedly fears the British Royal Family, including his father King Charles and brother Prince William, will not forgive him for his book Spare.

Talk to The Daily Telegraph Days after the bombshell memoir was published, Prince Harry revealed he had to remove a lot of the inflammatory content from the book for fear his family would delete it.

The Duke of Sussex claimed he “keeps adding things that have happened to him and his father and brother that he doesn’t want the world to know, and added: ‘I don’t think not that they would ever forgive me.

In the same interview, Prince Harry also said his explosive book was not about “trying to bring down the monarchy” but about “saving them from themselves”.

Prince Harry Spare was officially released on January 10, 2023, after being leaked online a few days earlier.

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