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Prince Harry Fails To Gain People’s Trust And Sympathy Even After Revealing All ‘Family Secrets’


Prince Harry is said to be in hot waters as all his attempts to gain the sympathy and trust of the people seem to end in smoke as very few Britons have a positive opinion of him.

Many Brits have seen enough of the Duke of Sussex and don’t believe him either, according to a new survey, even after Harry’s best-selling memoir lifted the lid on the royal’s life.

Harry, via Spare, is sharing his story with the world. But only one in five Britons (21%) believe so, according to a YouGov poll this week.

According to polls, about twice as many (41%) believe his antics are simply to make money. About 18% thought the main purpose of his media attack was to harm the institution.

Harry had hoped the revelations would generate more sympathy for him among the public, but he was wrong. Only 26% of Britons have a positive opinion of him, the lowest level since the company started tracking opinions about him in 2011.

Even younger Britons, who generally tended to have a favorable opinion of Harry, are now split, with 41% having a positive impression and 41% a negative impression.

However, the royal soap opera has had an impact on perceptions of the monarchy, as the number of people who say they are embarrassed by the monarchy has risen from 15% to 21% since September.

Ed Owens, historian and honorary research fellow at the Center for Modern Monarchy at the University of London, told a media outlet that this week he faced more severe crises than the current one, saying: “The” war of Wales “- which pitted Charles and Diana against each other – in the 1990s they did much more damage to the reputation of the Crown.”

“The Royal Family must be satisfied that media interest in Harry will diminish and that there will be no further allegations or revelations that will cause further damage to the Crown.” of all time,” Owens added.

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