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Prince Harry explains if Prince William was the royal against Meghan Markle


Prince Harry is finally breaking the silence on whether Prince William was the royal who told him not to marry Prince William.

Prince Harry explained it all during an interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby on Sunday.

He started the conversation by addressing some of the racist stereotypes that took place behind closed doors.

According to Prince Harry, “Some of the things that my brother and my sister-in-law – some of the way they acted or behaved definitely felt like, unfortunately, those stereotypes were causing a bit of a barrier to them. really sort of, you know, introduce it or welcome it.

However, he also clarified that Prince William was never the one to talk Prince Harry out of marrying Meghan Markle, and only “raised some concerns” when the conversation broke out.

“No, he never tried to talk me out of marrying Megan, but he raised his concerns early on and said, you know, this is going to be very difficult for you.”

“And I still to this day don’t really understand what part of what he was talking about. But maybe, you know, maybe he predicted what the reaction from the British press was going to be.”

This was also brought to light, due to the “separation” that existed between the brothers, from the beginning.

“The kind of older and younger sibling rivalry as such – now just getting really, uh, I guess real to me. Like, so, okay. For example, I’m talking about the relationship between William, myself at Eton. Yeah. And the fact that he didn’t really want to know me.

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