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Prince Harry drops more bombshells on the Royal Family in new interview


Prince Harry is set to turn up the heat on the Royal Family in new interviews aired to promote his explosive new memoir, Spare, which has already made incendiary headlines even before its official release.

The Duke of Sussex is set to deliver more broadsides to the British Royal Family in TV interviews which will start airing tonight with the prospect of even more damaging attacks on the business.

Days after Harry’s memoirs accidentally went up for sale amid fresh allegations of discord and conflict within the Royal Family, the Duke is set to drop more bombs at the palace gates.

Royal experts and historians believe Harry’s new interview would be more damaging to the monarchy and could plunge the Royal Family into their greatest crisis.

“So here is Charles trying to establish himself as the new king and now Harry has thrown this hand grenade and everything is falling apart around him,” royal biographer Tina Brown said.

From their interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 to their six-part documentary series on Netflix last month and now Harry’s book, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s message seems to be the same as they don’t want to stop revealing things about their royal parents’ behavior, nature, attitudes and alleged racism.

Insiders reveal Prince William is ‘burning’ with anger, but won’t respond ‘for the good of his family and the country’

“I don’t know how keeping quiet will make things better,” Harry said in his interview with Britain’s ITV, which will be the first to air.

Amid Harry’s allegations, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defended the Royal Family, saying he was “proud” of them.

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