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Prince Harry changes his tone for his brother William in a new interview


Meghan Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, doesn’t seem to be stopping as he dropped yet another interview trailer to promote his memoir Spare.

Reacting to Harry’s first interview in 2023 with ITV’s Tom Bradby, body language expert Judi James spoke to Express UK about the change from the duke to his brother Prince William.

According to the expert, the Duke of Sussex’s body language is reminiscent of another member of the extended royal family as she claimed: “When Harry says he would like his father back, there is a poignant reminder of the Meghan Markle’s father who speaks in public, but says he would like his daughter back Acts and goals seem contradictory.

Prince Harry’s interview with Tom Bradby on ITV will air on January 8 at 9 p.m., just in time for the release of his memoir Spare, which is due on shelves on January 10.

In the 20-second promotional clip of the interview released today, the Duke of Sussex said: ‘I want a family – not an institution. They think it’s best to keep us somehow other like the bad guys.

He added: “They have shown no willingness to reconcile. I would like my father back, I would like my brother back.”

Judi said: “Harry’s body language in this clip does not suggest a man open to negotiation.”

The expert explained: “As he talks about ‘leaking and planting’ and impersonating the ‘bad guys’, there are hints of anger in his speech. The throwing hand, jerky blinking and the shrug of rejection makes it seem that any eventual negotiation must be on his terms.”

Judi continued: “He looks defiant as he talks about loving his father back, with his chin lifted and firm and strong eye contact. His tone changes to William, with his eyes averted and a tilt of the head that suggests he could be more flexible.”

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