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Prince Harry breaks down in tears as he blasts his stepmother Camilla in new interview


Prince Harry got emotional and produced tears as he shared his thoughts on his stepmother, calling Camilla ‘dangerous’ and ‘wicked’ with a ‘plot’ to marry his father in new interviews.

Tearful Harry, when appearing in the Tom Bradby and CBS interviews, appeared to launch a searing attack on Camilla, calling her “nasty” and “dangerous”.

The Duke of Sussex appeared to ignore his father’s plea not to attack his wife as he said the Queen Consort was content with bodies – including her own – being ‘left in the street’ as she attempted to rehabilitate her image after her long affair with King. Charles while he was married to Princess Diana.

Harry wrote in his memoir Spare that Camilla “sacrificed me on her personal PR altar”. The Duke also revealed that he and William asked Charles not to marry him and accused her of plotting to marry the current king and become queen consort.

Meghan’s husband told Anderson Cooper: “She was the bad guy, she was the third person in the marriage, she needed her image rehabilitated.”

However, fans slammed Harry for his comments, saying the Duke saw things through Meghan’s eyes.

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