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Prince Harry believed Diana would ‘reappear’ after ‘faking’ her death


Prince Harry admits he had the hardest time coming to terms with the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Writing in his book, ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals how he felt his mother faked her death to get away from the drama.

“I just refused to accept that she was gone,” Harry told Anderson Cooper on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

The Duke admitted he felt his mother “decided to disappear for a while”.

“Maybe it’s all part of a plan,” Harry revealed. “I was hugely hopeful”, adding that William – who is next in line to the British throne – had “similar thoughts”.

On Tuesday, Cooper said: “You write in the book, you say, ‘I used to say this to myself a lot in the morning, maybe it’s the day. This may be the day she will reappear.

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