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Prince Harry becomes a “figure of ridicule”


Prince Harry is criticized for becoming “nothing more than a figurehead of public ridicule”.

Royal expert Jack Royston made this admission, while accusing the Duke of Sussex of having reduced himself to a “figure of ridicule”.

Mr Royston began by saying: ‘It, to me, felt like it came on the back of a time when there were smaller telltale signs that some people in America were starting to see Harry and Meghan a slightly differently and perhaps a little less sympathetically.

According to Express UK, “Maybe, still supporting them at the end of the day, but maybe asking more questions than there were as a result of Oprah.”

“One of the big things after the Netflix documentary in December was that some major publications, like Variety for example, were wondering if Harry and Meghan should leave their royal history behind and start saying something new, creating a new mark that had nothing to do with the life they left behind.

“Now take that stance and add in some major revelations from the publicity Harry made around the book – including telling him that he and Meghan never accused the Royal Family of racism – and I can fully believe he could. There would be a contingent of the softer support that Harry and Meghan had in America, which might have started to waver before this Elizabeth Arden cream frostbite thing happened.

Before signing off, he also pointed out how, “What seems to have happened since this story emerged is that Harry has become a figure of ridicule.”

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