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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle think ‘blood royalty’ is ‘top dog’: ‘Like!’


Experts have just accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of wanting to be “the number one in the Hollywood hierarchy”, despite seeing “reality in the face”.

TV presenter Nick Ede brought this claim to light, according to a report from the Star of the day.

Ede started off by saying, “I think they walked in and thought the number one people in the neighborhood and that’s not really it.”

“They are quite far down that pecking order. And I think that’s been a problem with them, in that sense of quitting. I think the point is you forget that in Hollywood, royalty is not someone with a title.

“It’s J.Lo, it’s Sharon Stone, it’s Beyoncé, it’s the Kardashians. It’s their royalty. And also the Obamas or the Clintons. If you’ve been in power, other than Trump, you are considered a top dog I think they underestimated that in a lot of ways.

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