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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “know how to weaponize the media”


Experts have just broken down Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ability to “be able to give as well as they receive”.

Author Sophia A. Nelson made the confession in a brand new play for CNN.

Nelson wrote: “If Markle didn’t know before meeting Prince Harry that these kinds of challenges would arise, she surely does now.”

“The last few years – during which the couple announced they were leaving the senior royal family and leaving Britain – will have been an education for the Duchess of Sussex and former star of cable TV show Suits.”

“Markle and Harry endured a barrage of criticism after the move, but the scrutiny and criticism of Meghan began long before that. And Harry made it clear from the start that the negative media coverage was a reflection of racism towards the biracial duchess, whose father is white and mother is black.

“Over the past few years when it comes to weaponizing the media, the Sussexes have shown they can perform at their best, first lashing out at their critics in an interview. with famed interviewer Oprah Winfrey, then with a multi-part Netflix special, they delivered the coup de grace with a bestselling and revealing book written by the prince.

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