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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have warned of a ‘fatal’ rift with the royal family


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could risk a major rift between themselves and the royal family if they miss the coronation of King Charles III in May.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been warned it could be an ‘irreversible blow’ to the Royal Family if they choose not to attend the historic ceremony.

A royal expert has warned that skipping the historic celebration, which coincides with Prince Archie’s 4th birthday, could cause a “fatal” rift with the firm.

“In a universe in which the damage already done by the breakup is still recoverable, at least in part, a no-show would be the fatal and irreversible blow, both in public perception as well, potentially, as within from the family itself,” public relations expert Edward Coram-James told GB News.

He added: “It risks stretching the conflict over the long term.”

This “would attract as much, if not more, media attention.” It would give more oxygen to the breakup and the allegations the Sussexes have made against the Royal Family,” he told the outlet.

Coram-James continued, “And the shadow of their absence would hang over the whole ceremony, risking becoming the elephant in the room and an unwanted sideshow.”

The California-based couple are said to have put together an alleged list of demands for the big day, which includes acknowledgment of their two young children during the festivities. However, King Charles, Prince William and other senior royals don’t seem to be giving in to the Sussexes.

Meghan and Harry, who have been invited to the coronation, have not confirmed whether or not they will attend the event. If the couple leave, they will be greeted with a ‘cold shoulder’ by senior members of the royal family, according to a report.

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