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Prince Harry aired all ‘unpleasant opinions’ on Firm in 2023: report


Prince Harry is reportedly preparing to release a whole series of revelations against the royal family in 2023.

Publishing consultant Jane Tabachnick & Co made this claim.

His admissions were made at Express United Kingdom during one of his interviews.

“I think the publisher is going to do a major promotional campaign.”

“I think Harry will only do a few select interviews and they will be carefully pre-scripted.”

“There may be media who fear reprisals from the monarchy if they grant Prince Harry a platform to share what may be unpalatable opinions about the monarchy.”

“Also, while Prince Harry may be willing to put certain deeply personal stories into a book, he may not be as comfortable talking about them on camera, or asking investigators to dig deeper, at beyond what he has already written.”

However, “it’s reasonable to expect that they won’t offer live Q&As during his appearances.”

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