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Prince Harry advised to stop spreading ‘dirty laundry’ angry at royals


Prince Harry has been urged to ‘grow up’ and stop spreading the family’s ‘dirty laundry’ as it will not harm the monarchy but could further damage his own reputation with his fans.

A royal commentator has claimed the monarchy has survived several crises and will also navigate through the Duke’s recent bombshells.

The Duke of Sussex is being advised by some veteran journalists to move on instead of mocking the family in public because all his attempts to destroy the monarchy would end in smoke. Some royal experts have already called on Harry to avoid indulging in dirty things to win over his own.

Jeremy Paxman, former BBC Newsnight host, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph: ‘There are no constitutional implications, just a series of whimpers from a very privileged young man who now says he has found the role of’ replacing “boring. There’s only one thing to say about that: ‘Grow up!'”

According to the veteran journalist, Harry’s memoir will not affect the ability of the monarchy to thrive in Britain for decades to come.

Paxman added, “The institution has survived because it will thrive after this airing of dirty laundry.”

King Charles’s youngest son, Harry, in his newly released book chronicles his entire life in the public eye, from childhood to fatherhood.

The journalist believes Harry’s revelations lack the power to destroy the monarchy, recalling how Princess Diana’s untimely death in Paris 25 years ago and It’s a Royal Knockout! were also seen by contemporaries as events that would doom the monarchy.

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