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Prince Harry admits to feeling ‘totally’ helpless ‘four times’ in his life


Prince Harry talks about the fact that his wife Meghan Markle has lost her second child.

The Duke of Sussex, in his memoir ‘Spare’, recounts how the former ‘Suits’ was under intense pressure from the media as she tried to save her friends from their reviled attacks.

He writes: “She was staying up late, night after night, trying to find a way to save these people, and now, on the first morning in the new house, she reported abdominal pain. And bleeding. Then she collapsed on the ground. We ran to the local hospital.

He adds, “When the doctor came into the room, I didn’t hear a word she said, I just looked at her face, her body language. I already knew. We both did. There had been so much blood. Still, hearing the words was a blow. Meg grabbed me, I held her, we both cried. In my life, I have only felt totally helpless four times.

Harry continues: “In the back of the car while mum, Willy and I were being chased by dads. In the Apache over Afghanistan, unable to get clearance to do my duty. In Nott Cott when my pregnant wife was planning to kill herself. And now.”

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