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Prince Harry accused of sending ‘disturbing message’ to young people


Anti-drug campaigners have slammed Prince Harry for bragging about marijuana and other drugs during his last meeting with trauma expert and doctor Dr Gabor Maté.

The Duke of Sussex has been accused of sending a ‘worrying message to young people’ after claiming cannabis ‘really helped’ his mental health in the latest interview.

Harry’s live chat with a trauma expert and doctor drew both praise and criticism. The two spoke candidly about the benefits of using psychedelic drugs as well as substances the Duke used to deal with trauma in his youth, such as marijuana.

King Charles III’s youngest son, Harry, said cocaine “did nothing to [him]it was more of a social thing”, but that marijuana was “different, it really helped me”.

He also described taking the psychedelic drug Ayahuasca as “cleaning the windshield”, which removed the “filters” through which he viewed life. Harry’s comments drew criticism.

Fiona Spargo-Mabbs, who founded the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation drug education charity after her son died of an accidental MDMA overdose at age 16, called the comments of “concern”, according to the Daily Mail.

“Unfortunately young people are getting the message somewhere that drugs are going to help solve their problems and anything that reinforces that is a concern for us. Using drugs as a coping strategy is more likely to lead to addiction than other motivations, because that’s how you deal with something.”

Max Pemberton – journalist and doctor – called Harry’s comments “extremely irresponsible”, saying: “He talks about illegal drug use in this country, proclaiming the benefits he has received from cannabis and hallucinogens such as ‘ayahuasca. This is extremely irresponsible.”

“Harry clearly has no understanding of the serious harm these substances can cause users – harm I see in hospital mental health wards with shocking frequency.”

Kirstie Allsopp called Harry’s actions “soaked in blood”. She tweeted: “Someone needs to tell Prince Harry County Lines doesn’t mean making coke in home counties. It means what you took to ease your trauma was drenched in the blood of those whose own trauma and life is as far from your privileged bubble as can be procured.”

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