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Prince Harry accused of ‘blackmailing’ King Charles and Prince William


Prince Harry has been accused of “emotionally blackmailing” his family, in particular King Charles and Prince William, by British journalist Dan Wootton.

write for daily mail, Wootton slammed the Duke of Sussex for demanding the Royal Family apologize to him and his wife Meghan Markle, despite revealing their “biggest secrets” himself in his memoir Spare.

Wootton wrote: “This is emotional blackmail on a global scale. “A creeping apology to my wife and I…So forgive us for exposing your greatest secrets and darkest moments, mingled with the most grotesque criticism…or there’s even worse to come” .

“It was Prince Harry’s twisted threat personally informed, somewhat ironically, given his apparent hatred of the British press, to one of his favorite print propagandists this weekend,” he said. continued, referring to Prince Harry’s recent interview with The Telegraph.

Further quoting Prince Harry telling Bryony Gordon he wants ‘accountability’ from the Royal Family and that they apologize to Meghan, Wootton said: ‘I would laugh if this nonsense didn’t threaten the international reputation of the British Royal Family.”

“Apologies for what, fool?” Charles funded your wife’s extravagant demands and then the Palace helped hide forever the findings of an independent investigation into his alleged intimidation of several staff members,” he snapped.

“You should buy your dad a pint of organic beer, not demand that the new monarch make a creeping apology to our second most unpopular royal,” the expert also said in his lengthy denunciation of Prince Harry.

This new review comes after Prince Harry sat down for a series of promotional interviews for his explosive memoir Spare.

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