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Prince Andrew’s refusal to budge could threaten King Charles coronation: expert


King Charles’ reputation and coronation are at stake as Prince Andrew reportedly refused to leave his home in Windsor.

Biographer and journalist Tom Bower has suggested the Duke of York’s ‘selfish’ refusal to vacate the property could affect the coronation scheduled for May 6.

It comes after Daily Express reported that Andrew had told friends there was “no chance” he was leaving his home on the Windsor Estate.

Bower said, “He thinks he can solve the bad situation he created himself. By making threats, he’s playing with fire.”

“The King’s best solution is to force Andrew out of the vast house, accept a much more modest accommodation and persuade him that his attempt at rehabilitation is pointless – and will end up being self-destructive,” he said. he adds.

“Not just for him but also for his two daughters,” continued the expert.

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