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Prince Andrew was in ‘substantial unease’ over the settlement of the scandal


Prince Andrew changed his mind in less than a week about his settlement in last year’s scandal just so he could avoid going to trial.

According to Daily mailVirginia Giuffre’s solicitor David Boies says the reported $12m (£9.95m) settlement in February 2022 caused ‘substantial discomfort’ for the Duke of York, via Mirror.

Virginia Giuffre has claimed she was forced to have sex with Andrew when she was 17 and called Virginia Roberts, and a victim of her former billionaire friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The boys told the Daily mail that “Prince Andrew just wanted out. He was realistic enough not to have demands” in the trial.

He further added that the deal was made over a series of Zoom meetings. “He just didn’t want to pay a lot of money and didn’t want to acknowledge Virginia or what he had done and what his position was that Virginia had made it all up and wasn’t really a victim.”

Furthermore, he said Andrew “claimed he knew nothing about Epstein’s sex trafficking and had no reason to apologize.”

The reason given by Boies for Andrew to back down in “four to five days” was because he was unsuccessful in his motion to dismiss the case. He was also ordered by a judge to sit for a deposition.

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