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Piers Morgan’s wife slams Beyoncé for ‘mind-blowing hypocrisy’ at Dubai concert


Piers Morgan’s wife, Celia Walden, jumped on the bandwagon when she slammed Beyoncé for allegedly taking $24 million to perform in Dubai.

The Crazy in Love The singer got into trouble during the concert at The Royal hotel in Atlantis due to the UAE’s anti-LGBTQ policy.

After signing his album Renaissance to her late Uncle Johnny and the LGBTQ+ community, the singer “disappointed” her gay fans with her performance.

LGB Alliance co-founder Bev Jackson shared that the gig “casts a shadow on [Beyonce’s] support for lesbians and gays.

Commenting on her review, Walden wrote in her final column, “It understates the mind-blowing severity of Beyoncé’s hypocrisy.”

“When you consider that the multi-turntable-selling American artist didn’t perform a single track from her Renaissance album on Saturday night, it didn’t cast so much shade on her LGBTQ+ bathtub beat as mocking her,” she added.

The singer also avoided performing one of the songs from her new album which she dedicated to her uncle who died following a battle with HIV.

“So Beyoncé reaped the rewards of her moral righteousness out loud,” Walden continued. “I just hope those suitcases full of Dubai dollars were worth it, and I’d like to say you can’t have your virtue signaling cake and eat it – but I’m afraid that’s no longer true.”

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