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Piers Morgan says Alec Baldwin did a ‘lot of disclaimer’

Piers Morgan says Alec Baldwin did a ‘lot of disclaimer’

Piers Morgan took a brutal swipe at Alec Baldwin after the actor was charged with manslaughter while filming Halyna Hutchins in 2021 on the set of Rust.

On Thursday, it was announced that Baldwin, 64, was to be charged with two counts of manslaughter after he accidentally killed the cinematographer, 42, and injured the Rust director Joel Souza.

The British talk show host, on Thursday night’s episode of Piers Morgan uncensored, discussed the charges saying, “There was no doubt it was an accident, but Halyna Hutchins died, leaving behind a grieving husband and young child and the person holding the gun that fired the bullet and killed her was Alec Baldwin.”

“He was the one who did this, who shot his colleague in the body and took his life. Nobody else’s hands were near the gun,” added the host, 57, who appeared to welcome the charges against Baldwin.

Morgan continued, “Since that tragic day, Baldwin has been the epitome of Hollywood arrogance.”

The host accused Baldwin of ’embarking on a dismal, self-pity PR tour that felt cynically designed to make people feel as much a victim as the woman he killed’ .

Morgan then released footage from a December 2021 interview Baldwin gave to ABC News, during which the actor says he doesn’t feel guilty about the incident.

Commenting on the clip, Morgan said: “No guilt at all, even though he was literally holding the gun that fired the bullet that killed this woman. Not a shred of personal responsibility, liability or guilt.

He concluded, “Alec Baldwin has been a lot of talk, a lot of self-protective talk, a lot of spinning, a lot of disclaimer or denial of responsibility.”

Hutchins’ husband called the accusations a “comfort to the family”.

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