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Piers Morgan hits out at Prince Harry after Duke defends royal family


Piers Morgan has hit out at Prince Harry after the Duke of Sussex’s interview with Tom Bradby aired on Sunday.

During the interview, Prince Harry admitted that the British royal family is not racist.

Morgan, who lost his job for criticizing Meghan Markle after her Oprah interview, said: “I’ve never seen a more unhappy ‘happy man’ in my life.”

He said: “Prince Harry is a bitter, delusional, paranoid and family-ripping half-wit, exposing and exploiting the Royals’ most personal secrets for billions of dollars while continuing with jaw-dropping hypocrisy to about the media intrusion. He’s pathetic.”

Harry is accused of keeping the Royal Family in suspense for two years after the Oprah interview where Meghan Markle and Harry said a member of the Royal Family asked them about their son’s skin color unborn, Archie.

In his last interview, Harry said he and his wife did not say the Royal Family were racist.

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