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Piers Morgan hits out at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over kids’ invite line


TV presenter and journalist, Piers Morgan, has bullied Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, claiming the couple only want their children at King Charles III’s coronation for “royal rivalry”.

The 57-year-old former Good Morning Britain presenter has hit out at Harry and Meghan following reports that their children were not invited to attend the coronation.

The Sussexes just want to hang out with ‘real royals’ at the coronation, according to the talk show host.

Morgan slammed Meghan and Harry for trying to do “everything the royals do about them”.

He agreed with the Royal Family’s decision not to invite the children, saying they were “far too young” to sit in Westminster Abbey for hours on end.

“We used to watch Dallas and Dynasty here in the UK and we used to think ‘these people are so ridiculous, they’re rich, they’re entitled, they’re spoiled, there’s always drama’ , now we have our royal family and they behave exactly the same way,” Morgan said on Fox News.

He continued: “I think we’re all, probably like you, tired of the Meghan and Harry rodeo seemingly trying to do whatever the Royal Family does to them.

“Let’s be clear, Archie is three, Lilibet is one. They’re far too young – in my opinion they have four children – to be stuck in an abbey watching a coronation strike for hours. I think that would be ridiculous for them to be there.”

Although the Sussexes have been invited to King Charles’ coronation, it is unclear if they will attend. Archie and Lilibet reportedly did not receive an invitation, but Camilla, the Queen Consort’s grandchildren – aged 13 to 15 – will attend.

Piers Morgan continued: “What we know about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is that they will always want to spend as much time with the real royals – the A-listers – as they can. to make money off the back of We’ve seen it with the Netflix documentary, the book and so on, so I suspect Meghan and Harry will want their children to be theirs just because it shows their own rival royal family enlarged and titled.

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