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Piers Morgan calls out Hugh Grant for his Oscars interview

Piers Morgan calls out Hugh Grant for his Oscars interview

Piers Morgan recently blasted Hugh Grant after his obnoxious 2023 Oscars interview.

Earlier, the Two weeks notice The star faced backlash online for his rude behavior towards Ashley Graham at the 95th Academy Awards, held on March 12.

Lately, Morgan and Sharon Osbourne also criticized Grant’s curt responses to the host during the awards show.

Osbourne, who appeared on Morgan’s Uncensoredsaid: “I love Hugh Grant but he was out of commission.”

She continued, “Yeah, I do. I think he’s a great actor.

However, Morgan chimed in and said, “A great actor? He plays the same role every time he makes a film!

Morgan thought Grant only played “the same dumb, silly roles” in each of his films.

To that, Osbourne replied, “I will say if you don’t want to talk to the press, if you’re bored with all this, don’t do the red carpet. It’s like that.”

Morgan commented: “Hugh just treated Ashley Graham with complete disrespect.”

“And he claimed that someone’s job on the red carpet, if you’re an actor at the Oscars, is not to speak to the media, or if you have to, look like you’re sucking on lemons,” Morgan added.

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