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Patty Jenkins ‘gives up’ fight for gender equality at Oscars

Patty Jenkins ‘gives up’ fight for gender equality at Oscars

Patty Jenkins slammed the 2023 Oscars for no women in the Best Director category.

Talk to Variety“I give up, I give up,” adding, “I’m saying that even with all of their desire to have diversity. The numbers are just wildly lopsided as to who votes for these things. I sort of stopped paying attention to it.

“The road will still be long. It will take a lot more to really see truly more diverse rewards. I really appreciate the effort they are making, but we still have a long way to go,” Jenkins continued.

Moreover, Until Director Chinonye Chukwu also denounced the “shameless misogyny” of the film industry after the Oscars snub against the film.

THE Woman King Filmmaker Gina Prince-Bythewood also said her film was sidelined by the awards, saying, “It’s not a snub. It is a reflection of the position of the Academy and the constant chasm between excellence and the recognition of black people.

She continued, “As I progressed through this awards season, I was struck by members of the Academy who just didn’t want to see the movie. People thought it was a compliment to some of our screenings to tell me that we had to drag them there, because they didn’t think it was a film for them, or were talking about contemporaries that we couldn’t convince to come with them, and be so surprised how much they loved the movie. To hear that over and over again, it’s hard to stomach.

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