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Pathaan Trailer Out: Those dialogues of Shah Rukh Khan, which stopped the Boycott gang from speaking!


Pathan Trailer Dialogues: The powerful trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Pathan has come out. Along with this, Shahrukh’s hair-raising dialogues in the film are impressing people a lot.

Pathaan Trailer Out: Those dialogues of Shah Rukh Khan, which stopped the Boycott gang from speaking!

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone (Deepika Padukone)’s upcoming film Pathan’s trailer has become even more popular since its release. At this time in the film Shahrukh Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) People are very impressed with the dialogues. The dialogues spoken by the actor are constantly going viral on social media. With this, there is not much time left for the release of the film. ‘Pathan’ (pathansThere is a lot of excitement among the fans about the film. There are many dialogues in the film which set an example of patriotism. So let us also introduce you to these dialogues.

The trio of Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham is coming to rock the film ‘Pathan’. In the trailer of the film, the action remained on its high level. Fans have a tremendous craze to watch the full picture on 25 January. Shah Rukh Khan is making a comeback on the big screen after almost 4 years and fans have high hopes from this film. Apart from Hindi language, the film will be released in Tamil and Telugu.

Pathan’s dialogues

1- ‘An attack that India would never have thought of.’

2- If you keep the party in the house of ‘Pathan’, then ‘Pathan’ will definitely come for hospitality. Will also bring firecrackers along with it.

3- ‘A soldier never asks what the country has done for him, rather he asks what he can do for the country. Jai Hind.’

4- ‘The time of Pathan’s exile is over now’

5- ‘Say my last salute to my mother India’

The dialogues of the stars in the film are enough to blow the senses of the Boycott gang. After the release of the trailer on social media, the reactions of the users are coming continuously. One user wrote that, ‘Boycott gang must be looking for the reason as to which issue to raise now, to run the trend against Shahrukh again.’ At the same time, another user says that real Indians are enjoying this trailer, while blind devotees are crying sitting in the corner.

watch trailer here

The trailer of Pathan is getting rave reviews from the audience. But, because of these powerful dialogues, loud whistles are surely going to ring in the cinema hall. At the same time, according to which Deepika supports Shahrukh in his mission in the trailer, along with the trailer of the film, this film is also going to keep you tied to the chair.

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