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‘Paranoid’ Prince William was ‘screamed’ by King Charles during argument


Prince William has warned King Charles to stop putting him in a bad light.

During a heated row at Clarence House, the Prince of Wales asked his father not to let ‘outsiders’ in his communications team leak vicious stories to the press.

The scene is detailed by Prince Harry in his memoir ‘Spare’, noting: “Willy said it to Pa: How can you let a stranger do this to your sons? Pa immediately got angry. He started to yelling that Willy was paranoid. We both were. Just because we got bad press and he was getting good doesn’t mean his team was behind this. But we had the proof.

Harry adds: “Reporters, in the newsrooms, assured us that this woman was selling us out. Dad refused to listen. Her response was rude, pathetic. Grandma has her person, why can’t I have mine ?”

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