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Pamela Anderson reveals that “the only time I was really in love” was in a relationship with Tommy Lee


Pamela Anderson has made a jaw-dropping confession in her upcoming memoir Love, Pamela, revealing that her relationship with rock musician Tommy Lee was the only time she was truly in love.

In one of the chapters of the book Pamela, a love story, which will also be released as a Netflix documentary, Pamela Anderson explored her relationship with Tommy Lee.

In an exclusive excerpt from People weekly issue, Pamela wrote, “My relationship with Tommy was perhaps the only time I was truly in love.”

The ex-couple, who married in 1995 on the beach in Cancun, have been chased by numerous paparazzi for insight into their scandalous marriage and life.

The Baywatch star wrote, “We had fun and our rule was no rule.”

After their personal tapes were stolen from a safe in their garage, which were then turned into [x-rated] tapes and sold to others, the scrutiny of paparazzi and tabloids doubled.

Anderson, 55, shared, “It ruined lives, starting with our relationship — and it’s unforgivable that people, to this day, think they can enjoy such a terrible experience, let alone… ‘a crime.”

Anderson also wrote about his divorce from Tommy, after a night of domestic violence, for which he served six months in prison.

She revealed, “The divorce from Tommy was the hardest, lowest and most difficult time of my life.”

She further wrote in her memoirs. “I was devastated. I still couldn’t believe the person I loved the most was capable of what happened that night. We were both devastated, but I had to protect my babies .”

The memoir and the documentary will be released on January 31, 2023.

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