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Pamela Anderson explains why she divorced her ex Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson explains why she divorced her ex Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson revealed the real reason she and Rick Salomon ended their marriage in her new Netflix documentary Pamela, A love story.

Apparently, Anderson ended the marriage in part because of drug paraphernalia found in a Christmas tree.

Salomon, a professional poke player, is best known for starring in — and then releasing — the sex tape he made with Paris Hilton, later titled 1 Night in Paris, through Daily mail.

“He still denies it to this day and says it was someone else,” she said, according to the New York Post. “Who else has a crack pipe in the Christmas tree?” It was not me.

However, Salamon admitted that, while a former “crack head”, he vehemently denied The post office that the pipe was his.

“I smoked crack for 25 f****** years, but the crack pipe in the Christmas tree wasn’t 1000% mine,” he said. “[That] the crack pipe has nothing to do with me. He also proudly stated that he had been sober for 15 years.

The Baywatch star and professional poker player, 54, first walked down the aisle in 2007, but split in December after just two months of marriage. Their union was officially called off in 2008. “We had only been married a few months, it was called off, but we were still friends,” she recalled in the documentary.

However, Pam and Rick married again in 2014, not divorcing until 2015, per HollywoodLife.

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