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Palash Sen wears mother’s mangsutra after father’s death, will be emotional after knowing the reason


Singer Palash Sen: Singer Palash Sen wore his mother’s mangalsutra around his neck after his father’s death. Palash Sen has often been seen wearing mangalsutra around his neck during stage performances. However, knowing the reason behind this, you will also become emotional.

Palash Sen wears mother's mangsutra after father's death, will be emotional after knowing the reason

Palash Sen Reveals Why He Started Wearing Mother’s Mangalsutra: Singer Palash Sen formed a rock band in 1998 with a group of medical students. ‘Euphoria’ Has created a special identity in everyone’s heart. Palash’s band has given great songs like Mairi, Dhoom Pichak Dhoom, and Galli. Palash Sen Very simple and down to earth. Mangalsutra around his neck attracts people’s attention. However, what is the reason behind this, Palash Sen himself told in an interview. Actually Palash Sen is very close to his mother. In a recent interview, he told that he has been wearing mangalsutra for a few years. In Hinduism, a girl wears a mangalsutra after marriage, but Palash Sen wore his mother’s mangalsutra after his father’s death. Palash told that after the death of the father, the mother stopped wearing Mangalsutra, so she wore it as a blessing.

why palash sen wear mangalsutra

Palash Sen said, ‘My mother had a mangalsutra, but she stopped wearing it after her father’s death. I started wearing that mangalsutra of my mother. I wear it. I definitely wear it on my stage performance. I feel like his blessings are with me all the time. I also wear a cartridge with mangalsutra, which I have brought from Egypt. It has the names of my parents in Egyptian hieroglyphs on either side.

Told mother the number 1 person of life

Palash said that he used to have ‘most quarrels and differences’ with his mother. However, he described his mother as the number one person in his life. He praised his mother and said that she is a very ‘strong and tough’ person. Palash told that his mother used to live in Lahore before partition and her journey from there to Jammu and Kashmir was not easy. Palash told that his mother was 8 years old when the partition happened. She had reached Jammu on foot from Lahore with her 4-year-old brother. Both crossed the border and went to Jammu alone. She was very strong. She went to study in a school where only boys were studying. When she was 17 years old, she left her home and went to pursue MBBS in Lucknow. Palash Sen founded his music band Euphoria in the year 1998 in Delhi. The band has given hit tracks like Meri, Dhoom Pichak Dhoom, Aana Meri Gali, Ab Na Ja, Soneya, Mahfuz and Sone De Maa. Palash made his Bollywood debut in 2001 with Meghna Gulzar’s film ‘Filhaal’. Tabu and Sushmita Sen also acted with him in this film.

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