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PAK actresses used in ‘Honey Trap’? These actresses got angry on ex army officer


Pakisani Actresses Honey Trap: Many actresses are now angry over the ‘honey trap’ claim of Pakistan’s ex-army officer. The actresses have expressed their displeasure over his statement.

PAK actresses used in 'Honey Trap'?  These actresses got angry on ex army officer

Pakistani Actresses Honey Trap: Pakistani actresses Every day, due to one reason or the other, she remains a part of the headlines. One of the famous actresses of Pakistan these days Sajal Ali A claim of an ex-army officer of Pakistan is going on in the discussion. A retired army officer named Adil Raza has claimed that many actresses including Sajal Ali were killed by the military. ‘Honey Trap’ used for.

Adil Raza runs a YouTube channel called Solder Speaks. He has about 3 lakh subscribers on YouTube. At the same time, he has claimed ‘honey trap’ regarding Pakistani actresses. The anger of many actresses including Sajal Ali has erupted on her claim.

Sajal Ali reacted like this

Pakistani actress Sajal Ali has expressed grief over this claim of the ex-army officer. Sajal made a tweet and wrote, “It is very sad that our country is getting morally ugly. Questioning someone’s character is an insult to humanity.”

Kubra Khan expressed anger

Pakistani actress Kubbra Khan has expressed anger over this claim of Adil Raza while sharing a post on her Instagram story. She wrote, “Earlier I was silent because a fake video can’t harm me, but now enough is enough. You think that some random people sitting on me will point fingers and I will keep quiet, so this is your thinking.

In this long post, Kubra Khan further mentioned the name of Adil Raza and wrote, “You have three days to bring evidence for the allegations you have made or publicly apologize for your claims. Otherwise I will file a defamation case against you.” In the end, Kubra wrote, “I am on the truth, I am on the right and I am not afraid of anyone’s father.”

kubra khan

kubra khan post

Mahvish Hayat also flared up

Mahvish Hayat has also posted a long post on her Instagram story and she said that stop it now, she will not let anyone defame her name like this. He said, “People stoop even lower than humanity to get cheap fame. I hope you are enjoying your 2 minutes of fame. Just because I am an actress does not mean that mud should be thrown at my name.

Mehwish Hayat

Mahvish Hayat Post

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