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Oscar-winning actor Ke Huy Quan admits: ‘I’m still scared’

Oscar-winning actor Ke Huy Quan admits: ‘I’m still scared’

Ke Huy Quan is thrilled with his Best Supporting Actor Oscar win, but the actor also said he’s aware Hollywood fame might be temporary.

Talk with VarietyTHE IndianaJones The actor revealed that he still worries about his acting career.

“It’s all still so fresh in my mind. And that’s why I’m still very scared to move on,” the actor captioned his decades-long struggle to find work in the industry.

“Even though I just won an Oscar, I’m still very scared of what tomorrow will bring,” Quan told the outlet. “I had a conversation with my agent, and I said, ‘I’m so worried this is just a one-time thing.’

“I’ve been down this road before and I’m so scared that history will repeat itself,” he added. “I said ‘please whatever you do make sure this doesn’t happen’,” the actor added.

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