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Oprah creates ‘nothing but drama’ with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Experts believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s pal Oprah has only worked to increase the drama associated with their public tiffs.

These confessions and accusations were brought to light by royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton.

His accusations were revealed by the Daily Mail.

The conversation came after Mr Wootton wrote a note to Oprah asking her to ‘step back’ from royal affairs.

In the eyes of the expert “Your advice, both privately and publicly, to Harry and Meghan was designed to create maximum drama and advance your own involvement in the saga, rather than to protect the British royal family , who you know cannot publicly answer because of their constitutional role.

“Although you may want Harry and Meghan at the coronation because it gives you another chance to insert yourself into this sordid tale, it is not the best thing for King Charles, Prince William, the British Royal Family or the public, who want the focus to stay focused on our new monarch and not a vulgar, unnecessary distraction.

“In other words, Oprah: Please get rid of royal business,” he also added before signing.

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