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Now Sanjay Raut’s statement came on Urfi Javed, said – a BJP leader has put on his clothes…


Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed remains very active on social media. She keeps sharing her sizzling pictures and videos on Instagram every day.

Now Sanjay Raut's statement came on Urfi Javed, said - a BJP leader has put his clothes on...

Sanjay Raut on Urfi Javed: social media sensation Urfi Javed These days are in trouble. Recently, BJP leader Chitra Wagh lodged a police complaint against her for wearing objectionable clothes in a public place, after which the police interrogated Urfi Javed for about two hours. Now Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has also mentioned Urfi.

Recently, during an interview given to ABP News, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut mentioned Urfi. Sanjay Raut was answering a question asked about the Pathan controversy. Meanwhile, he said, “There was no need to make hue and cry…even now a BJP leader in Mumbai has objected to the clothes of one alias Javed. There are bigger questions in this country than that. You don’t take this question to divert attention from him (don’t raise this question).”

Police interrogated Urfi for two hours

On January 14, the Amboli police summoned Urfi Javed and called him for questioning in the matter of wearing objectionable clothes. Urfi Javed was interrogated by the police for about two hours in connection with Chitra Wagh’s complaint. ETimes quoted a source as saying that he has not hired any lawyer for his case.

Urfi also filed a complaint

After Chitra Wagh’s complaint, Urfi Javed has also filed a police complaint against her. He had revealed that he was having thoughts of suicide due to being constantly caught in the police affair. During this, Urfi has also targeted Chitra Wagh many times through social media.

Let us tell you that actress Urfi Javed remains very active on social media. The actress is in discussion about her peculiar fashion sense on the coming days. In such a situation, she has been caught in controversies many times. There have also been trolls many times. However, Urfi always seems to stop everyone’s speech with her outspoken style.

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