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‘No makeup but 27 filters’


Victoria Beckham has received backlash from social media users after sharing her beauty routine on social media.

On Saturday, January 21, Victoria Beckham shared a video on Instagram to show off her beauty routine where she showed off her own line of cosmetics while telling fans that she was “no makeup” at first.

According to daily mail, many of Victoria’s 30.5 million subscribers disagreed in the comments section that she looked unnatural. One comment read, “No makeup but 27 filters.”

At the start of the video, Victoria filmed without cosmetics, she said, “So, I’m here in Paris and I just got out of the shower.”

“I have no makeup on, just my Power Serum and Cell Rejuvenating Moisturizer, so my skin is prepped,” the former Spice Girl said.

One fan wrote, “She’s my absolute hero and has been since SG… but yeah no makeup but 27 filters.”

“I love you but foundation and powder are my darling. Ding dong,” another wrote.

Another fan wrote, “You have concealer under your eyes. Why is it so hard to relate to women? Just honest. We wouldn’t think a thing if you told us you have concealer, you’re beautiful anyway.”

“No makeup???? really? Filters doing their thing!!!! I think you’re fabulous and super stylish but I wish you were more honest and transparent young girls don’t need to compare to the filters!” a fourth comment read.

Victoria swapped out her natural look with a vibrant makeup palette with bright blue eyeshadow.

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