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Nicolas Refn reveals his inspiration for making ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’

Nicolas Refn reveals his inspiration for making ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’

Nicolas Winding Refn opened up about making his recently released Netflix project Copenhagen cowboy.

In his latest interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Refn revealed that “Well, we got stuck here [Denmark] because of the pandemic. I was working on another thing to shoot in LA, and then the whole world stopped. And you know, what better place to be than in Denmark?

Refn also said: “We went to the countryside, to my mum, like a good boy. And I just had this idea [for Copenhagen Cowboy].I had not worked in Denmark for a long time, 17-18 years. When I had to assemble the team, I thought to myself, who is still there? But a lot of people I had worked with in the past, on my Danish films, were still working.

“For Copenhagen Cowboy, I thought it would be fun to create a modern, feminine superhero. And, because a lot of people believe I’m like the reincarnation of Hans Christian Andersen, there are certain parallels in our lives. , and I wanted to add a fairy tale element,” Refn continued.

Speaking about his experience working with Netflix, the Danish filmmaker said: “It was a very fluid discussion. It’s all about trust. We had the same goal: to create a great and exciting entertainment experience. creativity in my opinion.”

Copenhagen Cowboy was released on Netflix on January 2, 2023.

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