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New photos of former Le Sserafim member Kim Garam have been released

The allegations claimed that she and a group of her friends had verbally abused a classmate for hours

Former member of K-pop group Le Sserafim, Kim Garam can be seen living a normal life in new photos. The girl returned to her old life after being removed from the group and her business.

Although she hasn’t opened any social media accounts, her classmates have given updates on her life, which shows that she lives like any other student. The academy where she studies, SOPA has hosted many idols and trainees in the past and because of this, she is never completely out of the public eye.

In recent photos showing a group of graduating students, fans managed to spot Garam standing in the middle. Since the bullying scandal that forced her out of the industry, fans have been waiting to see if she would become an idol again by signing with another agency.

The allegations claimed that she and a group of her friends verbally abused a classmate for hours. Further investigation revealed that although the meeting took place, they did so because this person leaked private photos of their friend.

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